Radiators types to suit your bathroom

Heating is an essential element to any bathroom renovation. With so many designs and radiator types to choose from, picking the right bathroom radiator may come down to personal preference and style choice. Bathroom warmth is important after a long hot soak or shower, so placement of radiators is always key to allow for easy reach and accessibility. Special considerations such as whether you opt for a central heating run, electrical or dual-fuel towel rail will ensure you choose the correct radiator suited to your bathroom and home. Size of radiators are important too and the beauty of most bathroom radiators are that they are available in a plethora of sizes. Whether it’s a contemporary or traditional radiator, chrome or special finish, a simple towel warmer or towel rail, there are various options to suit your bathroom.

Designer Towel Rails

Designer Towel Rails combine style and functionality to deliver premium heating output to your bathroom but also enhance the look and feel of the room. Choose from flat panelled or curved tubular designs, there are many leading industry brands such as Bisque, Vogue and Reina which deliver luxurious towel rails in unique shapes, colours and finishes, perfect for the modern bathroom.

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Ladder Towel Rails

Ladder Towel Rails are a familiar sight in many modern bathroom renovations due to how they can easily accommodate towels. The “ladder” feature is distinguishable of how the bars on the radiators are separated to form a ladder like design. Ladder towel rails are great because of the multitude of sizes they are available in and their timeless designs mean they are ideal for any modern, traditional or cutting-edge bathroom setting. Functional and practical without sacrificing their design qualities, ladder towel rails are available from most bathroom brands like AVA, Crosswater, Reina, Saneux and more. Wall-mounted and floor mounted options are available depending on bathroom shape, size and style of room.

Being Completely Unrealistic – Going back to the planning point, it’s very often people are unrealistic about the size and shape of their bathroom, and don’t plan their design according to the space they have. Granted, many of us would love a large freestanding bath, double vanity unit and a shower unit, but it’s often not possible. Figure out what’s a priority, and make the most of what you’ve got.

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Towel Warmers

Towel Warmers are ideal additions to any bathroom due to their discreet nature and timeless aesthetic. The Thermogroup Thermorail heated towel bar is the perfect example of a beautifully designed towel bar which consists of concealed heating elements to allow towels to stay warm and within reach.

Towel warmers are great as their sleek designs allow you combine in sets of two or three to give the bathroom a stylish look and feel. Easy to install and safe to use, towel warmers can also be easier and cheaper to run than most common heated towel rails, especially if the use an electrical element rather than central heating. A popular choice in many bathrooms if space is at a premium, towel warmers are practical and add a minimalist touch to bathroom setting.

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Radiator Valves

It’s always recommended to identity the specific radiator valve your radiator needs for it to work at its optimum level. Do you require an angled or a straight valve? To determine which type of radiator is required for your bathroom radiator, you need to identify how the water supply will connect to the radiator. Albeit a small addition to accompany your bathroom radiators, valves are essential components needed for them to work to the best of their ability and are readily available in a range of styles and colours to best compliment the style of your heated towel rail in the bathroom.

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