The Best Mirrors For Your Bathroom

Whether you realise it or not, mirrors are an integral part of the home, especially in the bathroom. Mirrors are not only used for vanity purposes but are important in maximising the perception of space and reflect light around the room. The latter is important if there is natural light available from windows. There a variety of options available from cutting-edge designs with backlit lighting to modern day bathroom mirrors with illuminated cabinets. Perhaps traditional bathroom mirrors with defined angles and decorative art-deco styling? We take a look at the different mirror types available and their benefits to suit your bathroom.

Illuminated Mirror

Illuminated Mirrors are popular features in many bathrooms due to their stylish designer qualities and the distinctive glow they emit. The sleek nature of illuminated mirrors allows them to become a beautiful focal point in any bathroom, big or small. Ideal for adding character to the room, illuminated mirrors can also be recessed flush into a wall to give the bathroom a luxurious and alluring appeal. The luminous nature of backlit mirrors for instance, create a stunning yet subtle ambience within bathrooms however are unlikely to be the best choice if you require an additional light source for everyday activities such as applying make-up or shaving. It’s recommended to choose an illuminated mirror made up of LED lighting as these mirrors will consume less energy and are known to be longer lasting and emit a “whiter” light source compared to conventional luminous mirrors.

Non-Illuminated Mirror

If your bathroom has sufficient lighting already and this may be in form of natural light through windows or skylights, the more conventional non-illuminated mirror may be a better suited to the room. Smaller bathrooms such as cloakrooms may not have the luxury of a window so illuminating the room is essential. Non-illuminated mirrors are easier to maintain and install. Available in various designs to suit both modern and traditional bathroom spaces, non-illuminated mirrors can be considered a lot more cost-effective and an energy efficient alternative to an illuminated mirror.

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Non-Illuminated & Illuminated Mirrored Cabinet

Mirrored Cabinets are excellent in delivering optimum functionality and practicality whilst maintaining a sense of glamour and luxuriously luminating appeal if you opt for an illuminated version. Mirrored cabinets are highly practical additions to any bathroom due to their multi-purpose functionality. With a mirrored cabinet above a basin, access to everyday essentials and toiletries is made easier, whilst also providing a storage area for eyesores such as medicines, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps and shaving equipment. Brands such as Schneider, London Showers, Crosswater and HIB are leaders in delivering illuminated and non-illuminated mirrored cabinets suited to all modern bathrooms. There are innovative choices available too to help bring your bathroom into the 21st century. Mirrored cabinets are also available with integrated shaver sockets and for more cutting-edge spaces, why not create a smart bathroom with Bluetooth enabled mirrors? Furthermore, give your bathroom a more unified look and feel by choosing to recess a mirrored cabinet for the ultimate stylish appeal.

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Make-Up & Shaving Mirrors

Make-Up and Shaving Mirrors are perfect accessories to install in bathrooms to create a vanity area and are available in a range of styles. Cosmetic mirrors can be illuminated or non-illuminated with extendable options to be adjusted into a position which suits your needs. These mirrors are generally smaller in size and ideal for using whilst shaving or applying make-up. Practical due to how they can wall-mounted and placed to one side when not in use, cosmetic mirrors have become more innovative over time with integrated shaver sockets and LED lighting options available for a more energy efficient addition to the bathroom.

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Demister Pads

Demister Pads are the magic ingredient behind all mirrors which help prevent the build-up of mist and condensation, a constant in every bathroom. Demister pads are never visible but are essential in maintaining your mirror’s performance and allow your morning and evening routine to not be disrupted by the accumulation of steam. It’s recommended to check with the manufacturer and product specifications whether your bathroom mirror comes fitted with a demister pads as with most modern bathroom mirrors, a demister pad will be fitted as standard.

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