Whitely Bay

One of the most physically demanding bathrooms I’ve done in a while. Whitley bay is known for its old houses and the amount of dust that comes out of them on doing any kind of remodelling to them, so I knew what I was walking into before starting this installation, but by god!

Day one I was greeted with every wall having to be re boarded due to them crumbling to bits. Our customer requested the ceiling to be dropped as she didn’t like the slope and the beams on show, which is fully understandable and all within the specification quoted for.

What I didn’t anticipate…and in which I haven’t seen for a bloody long time, is that the full bathroom was piped in lead! To rectify this we had to start back at the beginning of the house and take a new hot and cold feed from the kitchen back up into the bathroom, and chopping out the old lead, there was easily 80kgs of it in the bathroom! All in all, we are pleased to say we’ve fully repiped this bathroom knowing this customer will now be safe from any potential lead poisoning